Ads targeted on CS:GO players
Perfect marketing solution for your servers or services related to CS:GO or Steam!
We offer:

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Ads inside skin choice menu

You might remember server ads inside menu in CS nonsteam
Our free skinchanger gives simillar opportunities!
Your ad will be seen by every user of our program

Your ads will be shown in skin choice menu INSIDE GAME!

Static images preffered (not animated)
Animated images and redirecting click-links are only avaible for long-term ad campaigns
Supported click-link types:
* csgo console commands (like: connect, gamemenucommand openserverbrowser, etc.)
*windows commands (like: open link in browser, make desktop shortcut, steam rungame commands)

Price from 2.5PLN/day

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Banners on site

Classic site banners - on top of main site

Bypasses adblocks, non-interruptive for user

You can also use animated GIF, Clicking redirects on your link

Price from 1.5PLN/day

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Add server to favorites list

No problems - our terms of use inform that one of ad types adds favorite servers

95% of players doesn't remember what server they add to favorites - this increases chance to visit your server!

Automatic background process - will notice this after inspecting all servers on their favorites list

Your added server will be in favorites even after you end your ad campaign (untill they manually remove server from favorites)

Price from 0.5PLN/person

Daily stats are available on bottom of index page
Full analytics are available after first payment for ordered ads
Contact us to choose your best offer